Collen Kelly: Water Polo

So basically it was freshman year and I was a co-captain on the frosh/soph water polo team.

It was an away game and we were going up against a pretty tough team. I was nervous because my team was inexperienced and I was one out of the four that actually played club.

This team had everything on us. When the game started the other team wiped the floor with us. Goal after goal our morale was slowly deteriorating. It was almost half and it was 1-7, I believe. Based on how this was going, we were going to lose horribly.

But, from somewhere in my body, I decided I needed to score at least once.

The other team subbed their bench players because they were up by six and thought this was a sure win, but that only fueled the fire. I got the energy and confidence from within and took off, sprinting 24/7. I countered and countered and I swam so fast that I would be at the opposite end of the pool before most people even realized I was there in the first place.

Goals started to stack and I was getting more and more confident in our abilities. My team started to believe in not only our team but also starting to believe in winning the game as well. The score was around 6-8 and there was maybe 30 seconds left in the half. The other team  had the ball. They were countering us to try getting a quick goal to widen the gap. But, with some quick moves I stole the ball and with seconds left, I shot from half and while the ball was flying through the air, the buzzer went off. I hit the cross bar from across the pool and it banked in. The whole crowd and everyone there started screaming. Shouts from not only our varsity team but also the crowds filled the air. It was crazy. But, I was very very tired. I floated to the wall and took a break for a whole quarter gasping for air constantly. But I was the one to roll the ball and my teammates ended it. We ended up winning by like 2-3 goals in the fourth quarter with me scoring half of the goals.