Jeremy Taiwo: Track & Field

My adversity became my opportunity. 

In other words, Kryptonite became my power.

Adversity made me hungrier, it made me realize how tough you can become from more setbacks, 

it made me crave the pressure of competition in front of thousands because…

Adversity made me strong at my loneliest and weakest moments 

My achilles heal became my weapon.

My first major injury in high school track and field took me away from the jumps, but it introduced me to the throws. 

The colleges that were recruiting me witnessed my overall abilities from an injury that would, in many instances, take away from my

value as a college track prospect. 

My value increased as I tossed the shot, discus and javelin my senior year of high school to help my team as I was recovering from injury. 

The schools proposed a more fitting role for my incoming collegiate track career; Decathlete.

I learned, I failed, I face planted in new events, I had surgeries and setbacks from the longer days and heavier loads, but my mental fortitude sharpened. 

My mind became better at letting go of fearing failure, it began to learn to adapt to the next challenge. 

The decathlon made me understand that adversity acts like kindling to your inner fire. It fuels you to compete in every single facet of life, it constantly helps you to prove your strength and resolve. The decathlon not only made me a better athlete, but it made me a better person because it made me stronger mentally in the way I approach each new challenge.