Lauren Chamberlin: Softball

I can vividly remember the game that I broke the NCAA Career Homerun Record. Not just doing it, but what happened the at-bat before. It was my first appearance at the plate of the game, and I took the first pitch. It was fat, or in other words a really, REALLY good pitch to hit. Surely, she wouldn’t throw another one around the zone. I had been getting walked more than combined rosters at that time. The next two pitches were down the middle of the plate, and you guessed it. I took BOTH. I struck out looking at three pitches. I didn’t even lift my bat off my shoulders. The most feared power hitter in college softball took three pitches that could’ve each been hit to the moon. It was embarrassing!

You have to know, I was internally cussing myself out when I went back to the dugout. But, I kept it cool and knew there was a lot of game left and multiple opportunities to step up for my team. “The homerun” came in grand fashion, as I cleared the bases for #91, and to get my team back in the lead the following at-bat.

I think everyone remembers the home run, but my favorite part of the story is what happened before. A failure disguised as a looking strikeout set me up for the home run that changed my life. I could’ve let the anger of failing keep me from doing what I was designed to do, as many of us have done before. Instead, I took away its power and moved forward towards my next opportunity. I think we can all keep learning to take the sting out of failure, and instead pursue our next victory.