Reagan Pechy: Soccer

For as long as I can remember I had to work extra hard to get where I needed to because it didn’t always go my way. 

In the 7th grade I didn’t make my middle school team because my coach said, “You run weird but it doesn’t have any correlation with your soccer abilities.”

My sophomore year, I was put on JV to play a leadership role even though I played club level soccer with girls on Varsity. 

My first collegiate soccer game, much to my disappointment, I didn’t start and when I made it onto the field I got reprimanded for mistakes I couldn’t control.

I have played soccer since I was 3 years old and I have faced many more failures and successes that I can even mention. Playing soccer for 16 years I have faced many setbacks, yet I am proud of where I am today.  Despite my setbacks, every year I came back stronger.  In the 8th grade I became a starter and was responsible for many assists on goals and goals themselves. My junior year and my first year on varsity, our new head coach for the high school (also a college coach) nominated me to be a captain for our team. The year following, as a defensive midfielder, I was not only responsible for the majority of the goals on our team, nominated for MVP, but was the only person on our team to make first team all-league. Following a terrible start of my freshman season, I became a starter for our team and was considered an important player on the field.

Things may not always turn out in your favor and I’ve experienced that first-hand. Sports are difficult and you are not only competing with the opponents in games and in tournaments, but you are also competing with your friends and teammates for your position. There will always be someone better and someone who is coming for your position. How you take defeat and loss is how you can either succeed or fail as an athlete.