Cassidy Lance: Crossfit

The greatest struggle in my CrossFit career came in 2016 when I didn’t qualify for the CrossFit Games.  The most painful part of that process was trying to determine “why”. “Why”  did I want it so badly. It took a lot of self-reflection and acceptance.  Once I found out how badly I wanted to go back to the CrossFit Games and what competing with the fittest women in the world meant to me, the work never stopped. I was more determined than ever to minimize as many weaknesses as I possibly could.  I wanted to prove to myself what I thought was true about this sport all along, that no one was accountable for my failure except for me. The coolest thing about CrossFit is that all of the blood, sweat, tears and hours upon hours of hard work….. is all on you. No one tells you to sit on the side line, no one tells you that you didn’t make line up, and nobody tells you’re the fittest.  You have to earn it every single day and then maybe when you close your eyes at night, you have proven to yourself that you are in fact you are amongst the fittest in the world.