Maximizing Failure

We are here to learn how to maximize failure.

Because, the reality of being alive is: we are ALL going to deal with failure at some point. No one wants to fall or go all out and miss. A loss, especially after months or years of training and effort can be crushing.

FAIL. Just reading that 4-letter word can make anyone’s stomach sink. When we let our guard down and start reflecting on the negative thoughts & words repeating in our heads, getting over our failures becomes even more challenging. But we don’t want to avoid reflecting on the negative entirely. The solution is to train through the failure, to improve our mental defenses by training our mental game, just like we train our physical game.

So many of us shy away from addressing negative feelings head on, and instead, ignore the possibility of failure until a something comes up that begins threatening our game play or even our mental health.

What if we had the ability to train for these moments before they affected our game; to train to keep our mental defenses at their peak, just like we do our muscles?

What if we could change our perspectives to truly value the failures so we see see them as the things that show us the most about where we are and where our next step will be?

No matter where you are in your game of life right now – none of us are immune to a dose of failure once in a while. We all benefit by developing our ability to train through the hard times and – maybe more importantly – to move forward with the understanding that everyone fails. The people we notice as success stories are the very people that have used their failures to grow stronger.

This is Defense Club.

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As athletes, we don’t blink when our coaches tell us to do X amount of reps over X number of hours to perfect a shot or position or physical skill.

Why, then, do we hesitate when it comes to our mental game?

We know it’s important. We know that if we had the mental strength that so-and-so had, we could be All-Americans, World Champions, professional athletes.

So why don’t we work harder to develop these skills?

Most mental skills training is anecdotal and many only seek it out after they have experienced a debilitating challenge.

Mental training is currently not part of a typical “practice” schedule for young, developing athletes. It’s largely misunderstood and, worse, there hasn’t been a real training space for it. Until now.

Defense Club is designed to help young athletes build their mental armor to withstand and outmaneuver disappointment, setbacks, and defeat.

It is the only functional, proactive mental defensive training for young, elite athletes that breaks down mental skills into courses and provides a space to develop and train their mental defenses instead of leaving them to “figure it out” after the fact.

Defense Club is the place to learn to Maximize Failure. We practice the mechanics of mental positioning, pivoting, and balancing for when the game (or life) throws you off. Adding Defense Club to a training routine, players have an arsenal of practiced techniques that aid a faster, stronger recovery.

Our goal is to come back stronger and more aware of ourselves.

If you approach failure with this perspective, falling down allows you to compete in the best way possible: with humility, with respect for the game, and with confidence in knowing you can get back up because you have done it all before.

When we use failure as a tool for development, we have the opportunity to use the inevitable to our benefit. This is how we #MAXIMIZEFAILURE

There’s power in being trained for the entire time you’re on the field. There’s power in restraint. There’s power in self-awareness.

There’s power in only focusing on the ball and not worrying about who’s watching you. There’s power in knowing yourself. There’s power in preparation. There’s power in knowing how you’ll react before the moment even arrives.

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