The Fighter’s Mentality

In this course you’ll learn how to calm, quiet, and control your mind so that you get the most out of your training and can perform at the highest level in competition. By the end of it you will have essentially downloaded my mental “operating system” into your body to apply to your combat sports practice.

This “operating system” has been formulated with the accumulation of my knowledge and from my experience working with and learning from various sports psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, and therapists throughout the span of my career. Here it is broken down and packaged up into a curriculum to teach you how to make your mind your best weapon.

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The Fighter’s Mentality takes you through Pre, During, and Post-Fight Mentality of Tiffany van Soest.

While Tiffany is a Muay Thai & Kickboxing champion, this course may apply to boxers, wrestlers, or any competitors that view each competition as a “battle” to get to their best selves.

Who is Tiffany van Soest?

  • WBC Women’s Super Bantamweight International Champion
  • 2x Lion Fight Muay Thai Women’s Featherweight World Champion
  • 2x Lion Fight Muay Thai Women’s Super Bantamweight World Champion
  • 4x Glory Kickboxing Women’s Super Bantamweight World Champion

What You Get:

  • Resources on optimizing brain health and function
  • Tips on meditation, performance cues, affirmations
  • Walk through of Tiffany’s pre-fight routine
  • In-fight focus
  • Post-fight lessons
  • A month of Defense Club’s Advanced Training membership!
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