Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be part of Defense Club?

Defense Club is a community where we strengthen our mental skills. Defense Club provides free information on the website and social media, but being a member means you have selected either Basic, Advanced, or Sport-Specific Training.

How do I upgrade from basic to advanced training?

We can help you with that! Send us an email and we’ll get your membership upgraded.

If I have a basic membership, how do i purchase a sport-specific course?

Only Advanced Members can purchase Sport-Specific Courses. If you’d like to become an Advanced member, please email us!

Is Morgan’s physical defense training offered monthly as well?

Even though Morgan is known well for softball defense, there are no physical skills courses included in these monthly memberships.The primary focus of a Defense Club membership is MENTAL TRAINING. Softball specific training is available here.

What sport is this aimed at?

This is for all athletes to be able to connect and learn about their mental game!

Can I cancel my membership at any point?

Yes. If you wish to cancel your membership, simply log into your account and cancel and you will not be charged again.

So I get ALL future courses included in my Advanced membership? 

All future MENTAL courses are included in your membership. Sport-specific training will be sold separately.

HOW DO I ADD ON ADVANCED courses TO my BASIC membership? 

Login to your Thinkific Account and then click here to see all Advanced Courses available for purchase. Currently, Mind Eye Coordination, Myths of Confidence, EMA’s Four Week Mindfulness Workshop and Mental Health Meets the Mental Game with Katie Cheadle are available. 

HOW DO I ADD ON Sport Specific courses TO my membership? 

Login to your Thinkific Account and then click here to see all Sport Specific Courses available for purchase.

How often can I expect new courses?

New courses will be launched three times per year.