About Defense Club
Defense Club is the only functional & proactive defensive training for young, elite athletes. We are an online community that shares our failures and our triumphs so we can build our mental armor to withstand and outmaneuver disappointment, setbacks, and defeat in and out of sport.

About Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart, former elite softball player and founder, knows what failure feels like. After winning a National Championship with her team in 2009, she was expected to be a top performer the coming years and expectations were not met. What was worse than her actual performance was her inability to cope and pull her identity away from that failure. Over time, Morgan developed the mental armor to handle setbacks, but it wasn’t easy. Information and tools available were limited and it wasn’t until her career was over that she gained the perspective she wished she had.

Over the years, Morgan has shared mental tips and techniques as part of her softball defensive training, but now her instruction on the mental and physical side of the game are both available through Defense Club. Softball athletes are the primary audience, but she knows that there are so many more athletes that need this information.

Defense Club was born out of a need that Morgan had during her playing days, and now lives as a growing community of athletes that want to be defined not just by wins or losses, but in how they recover from challenges every day.

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